2017 Denton Summer Shootout
2016 Denton Summer Shootout
2015 Denton Summer Shootout
2014 Denton Summer Shootout
2013 Denton Summer Shootout
2012 Denton Summer Shootout
2011 Denton Summer Shootout
2010 Denton Summer Shootout
2010 Lewisville Tournament
2009 Denton Summer Shootout
2009 Lewisville, TXMAYB
2008 North Texas Classic
2008 Lewisville, TXMAYB




4th/5th Boys

1st- Shreveport Kings/Pilots
2nd- Louisiana Starz
3rd- OKC Jaguars

6th Boys

1st- A Game Athletes
2nd- OK Orangeball
3rd- Texas Legends- White

7th Boys

1st- Texas Trail Blazers 2019
2nd- Air Max Elite
3rd- A Game Athletes

8th Boys Red

Bracket A 1st- Texas Trail Blazers 2018
Bracket A 2nd- Air Max Elite
Bracket A 3rd- Arkansas Mustangs
Bracket B 1st- East Texas 76ers
Bracket B 2nd- Dogs of War
Bracket B 3rd- B.I.Q. Elite 2018

8th Boys Blue

Bracket A 1st- OK Thunder
Bracket A 2nd- Tigers Black
Bracket A 3rd- Scorpions 2018s
Bracket B 1st- Ponder
Bracket B 2nd- Hope Huskies I
Bracket B 3rd- Ft. Worth Jayhawks 2018

9th/10th Boys

A Bracket 1st- Killeen Dream
A Bracket 2nd- PYF 2017
A Bracket 3rd- Hardwood Elite
B Bracket 1st- Texas Reign
B Bracket 2nd- PSO Cavs
B Bracket 3rd- Air Max Elite

11th/12th Boys

A Bracket 1st- PYF
A Bracket 2nd- Tritek
A Bracket 3rd- United Ballers
B Bracket 1st- Oklahoma Jayhawks
B Bracket 2nd- Jayhawks 2015 Gold
B Bracket 3rd- 76ers

5th/6th Girls

A Bracket 1st- Team Oklahoma Joe
A Bracket 2nd- Lady B.I.Q.
A Bracket 3rd- Lady Warriors 2020
B Bracket 1st- Lady's First
B Bracket 2nd- NT Shockers MOB Elite 2022
B Bracket 3rd- Lady Reds

7th Girls

1st- DC Queens 2019 Orange
2nd- Team Oklahoma Joe
3rd- Oklahoma Lightning

8th Girls

A Bracket 1st- West Texas Ice 2018
A Bracket 2nd- 413 Select Basketball
A Bracket 3rd- Southwest Oklahoma Lady Hoops
B Bracket 1st- Oklahoma Lady Elite
B Bracket 2nd- Air Max Elite
B Bracket 3rd- Wall Lady Hawks

9th/10th Grade Girls

A Bracket 1st- PC Thunder
A Bracket 2nd- Team Air
A Bracket 3rd- Brownsboro Triple Threat
B Bracket 1st- Air Max Elite
B Bracket 2nd- Arkansas Lady Blazers
B Bracket 3rd- Next Level

11th/12th Grade Girls

1st- Argyle
2nd- KBB-AD
3rd- OK Lightning
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