Regulations and Guidelines

Denton and Lewisville Summer Shootout North Texas Classic

Denton Summer Shootout

  1. Regulations High School rules will be followed with the following exceptions:
    • All divisions will use a 20 minute running clock except for the last 2 minutes of each half, unless one team is ahead by more than 15 points. If lead falls below 15 points, clock will again stop. In addition, clock will stop on all technical fouls, injuries, or timeouts (including official's timeouts). Clock does not restart until it would in a normal dead ball situation.
    • 4th and 5/6th grade boys will use a girls ball.
    • 5 minute halftime and 5 minute pre-game warm-up.
    • Game time is forfeit time.
    • Jerseys need only have a number on back with no number restrictions.
    • 4 time outs per game, no 20 second time outs.
  2. No locker rooms, balls, etc... will be provided by the schools.
  3. Players may play on only one team within a tournament age group. Player's eligibility will be checked by a current grade card, if requested. Players may play "up" in an older age group. This means a player could play in the 8th grade division and in the 9/10th grade division, but they can't play on two teams within the same division.
  4. Each team is required to provide a scorekeeper or clock operator for each game.
  5. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated!!! A referee may remove players from the game or the tournament for inappropriate behavior. We are here for the kids. Do not allow or condone poor sportsmanship. This includes both coaches and parents!!!
  6. Referee may stop clock with reason. Intentionally wasting time to shorten the game can be punished with a technical foul. This does not mean a team can not use a delay offense at any time they choose. They simply can't tell players to not line up for free throws or sub one player at time to run the clock.
  7. Each tournament will have a director. Please direct questions to this individual.
  8. Tie breaker procedure is as follows. The 1st criteria is head to head competition. If a three way tie exists then a second method will be used and this method will be stated on the posted bracket sheets.
  9. Over times will be 2 minutes in length with regular clock operations. The clock will stop on all dead balls.
  10. Each tournament will provide 2 coaches passes per team and these can be picked up prior to the team's first game of the tournament at the gym.
  11. Refunds and scheduling at later dates are not possible.
  12. Any roster changes should be made to the gym director prior to the start of the team's first game. The roster for the first game will be the official roster, no changes are allowed after the first game. grade cards will still be used to determine eligibility. Teams should have these with them at all times in case of protest. Final eligibility will be made by the area director if weekend conflicts occur.
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